Lynsi leads In-N-Out Burger with a strong attachment to her family history

As President, Lynsi leads In-N-Out into the next decade, she is always mindful of the trail that was blazed by her grandparents, father and uncle. She tells it like this:

“First and foremost I’d like to thank my grandfather and grandmother, Harry and Esther Snyder. Their vision, passion and commitment set such a firm foundation for our company, and the core values that they established for us back in 1948 still guide us today. My grandfather was an incredibly hard worker who was passionate about quality. Back in the day, he hand-selected only the highest quality meat, cheese and produce for his customers. My grandmother was always right there with her husband from the start, equally committed to quality and always making sure the In-N-Out Associates were treated like family. Additionally, she was the driving force behind In-N-Out’s philanthropic efforts and today, the In-N-Out Burgers Foundation still carries out her vision.”

“I’d also like to thank my uncle Rich and my dad, Guy Snyder. They lost their dad at a young age but were both able to learn so much from him and ultimately, both were able to make In-N-Out Burger much stronger. Rich was instrumental in setting us up for our future success by adding an even greater focus on our Associates. His commitment to training was unparalleled and the In-N-Out University operates today as a result of Uncle Rich’s belief in the importance of training. My father, Guy, was just as passionate about quality as his dad. Dad was so fanatical about quality that he invested heavily in the company’s quality assurance team. Today, our warehouse, meat department and commissary teams only accept and deliver the freshest and highest quality products resulting in the great tasting burgers, fries and drinks that our customers enjoy. Our state-of-the-art quality controls still have my dad’s fingerprints all over them.”

“I’m so blessed to have had such great family leaders come before me. Today, I view a big part of my job as adhering to and living up to the high standards that have been built up over the past 64 years. But there is more to my vision for In-N-Out … we don’t just want to live up to our own high standards … we want to exceed them!